Manufacturing Services Agreement - Subcontracting by Consignment - Manufacturer

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Manufacturing Services Agreement - Subcontracting by Consignment
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This Manufacturing Service Agreement is drafted for a Manufacturer to provide manufacturing services to a Client on a subcontracting basis through consignment to conform to the Manufacturer's requirements. This is drafted as a service rather than the sale and purchase of products. This agreement is drafted n favour of the Manufacturer.

The Manufacturer provides contract manufacturing services for clients. The Client is engaged in a range of activities including those described in the Schedule and wishes to engage the Manufacturer to produce the Products designed and developed by Client and proprietary to Client.

During the term of this Agreement, Manufacturer shall provide contract manufacturing services for Client. Such Services provided by Manufacturer shall encompass products designed and developed by Client and proprietary to Client.

The services shall consist of the Manufacturer assembling or otherwise processing the Consigned Materials to manufacture the Products and to perform all tasks to ensure that the finished Products conform to the Client's specific requirements.

Manufacturer shall provide a fully equipped facility, pursuant to internationally accepted manufacturing standards, to carry out the Services and a sufficient number of trained employees to perform the Services.

In consideration for the provision of Services, Client agrees to pay the Manufacturer the price mutually agreed between the Parties and is set out in the quotation by the Manufacturer to the Client. Each product will have its own quotation. Each such quotation will form the Agreement for payment of Services for the particular product.
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