This employment agreement is entered into between PARTY_1_NAME (Employer) and PARTY_2_NAME (Employee), EMPLOYEE_ID, under the terms and conditions below.


The Employee is employed in the position of EMPLOYEE_POSITION in the COMPANY_DEPARTMENT of the Employer.


The Employee shall undertake the duties outlined below:


Place of Work

The primary place of work is in PLACE_OF_WORK.

Commencement Date

The Employee shall commence work on EMPLOYMENT_START_DATE until either party terminates the agreement.

Probation Period

There is a probation period of PROBATION_PERIOD from the employment commencement date.

Working Hours

The working hours of the position shall be DAILY_WORKING_HOURS, Monday to Friday (inclusive) with a lunch break of LUNCH_DURATION.  The Employee is expected to work over and above these hours when the workload so demands.

The Employee shall not be required to work on Statutory Holidays unless the workload so demands.


The Employee shall be paid the basic monthly salary of CURRENCY MONTHLY_SALARY.

Paid Annual Leave

The Employee is entitled to ANNUAL_LEAVE_DAYS days of annual leave after the probation period according to the provision of the employment law and rules of the Employer.