To the Department of Human Resources



08 December 2021


Dear Sir / Madam,

Complaint of Harassment by the Occupant of NAME

I would like to lodge this formal complaint against NAME, who is in the position of POSITION (the “Harasser”), who has been emotionally abusing me for the past PERIOD.

[DESCRIBE THE FACTS - Ever since I [joined the company / was promoted to [position] / awarded a prize] in [Month]. NAME has taken my [hire / promotion / award] as a threat to [him / her] and a means to degrade me. There are names calling with derogatory terms such as [stupid, lazy, sloppy, dumb and fat]. The Harasser commented on my background in relation to my [education / ethinicity / social class] and has constantly reminded me of why [he / she] is superior to me.  

I have tried to speak with the Harasser privately but [he / she] has been avoiding me. On [date], we finally had a one-on-one meeting, [he / she] refuses to admit that [he / she] has said anything inappropriate. [He / She] was just pointing out my mistakes and I was the one that take criticisms poorly. The comments have not stopped after the meeting. When I pointed them out, [he / she] said it was just a joke and refuse to take them back even after I said that they were not funny.]  

[DESCRIBE HOW THE HARASSMENT AFFECTS YOU - The harassment has made me lost confidence in myself and my work. I am also losing sleep over this and may need to see a psychologist. Even though I love my job, I believe that I cannot continue to work here if the harassment does not stop. The harassment is not conducive to a healthy atmosphere in the workplace, which has been felt by other members of the team.]