Date: 08 December 2021

Subject: Request for Salary Increase


I have enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to work in ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY for the past YEARS years. I am honoured to serve as a key member of the [DEPARTMENT] team.  It was a steep learning curve and I believe the experience gained will be invaluable to this company in the future.

I have contributed to the success of this company and I would like to highlight some of the achievements [I have / our team has] made to the ongoing success of the company in the past year(s):


1. Improve the efficiency of [SYSTEM] and save the company [amount].

2. Prepare proposals to [CLIENTS] and sign up [amount] worth of deals.

3. Managed the successful launch of [PRODUCT], resulting in [amount] of sales.

4. Produced a study that highlights our areas of improvements on key CRM, resulting in improved customer services.

5. Participated in four initial public offerings, resulting in the raising of [amount].

6. Proposed strategic partnership with [PARTNER], resulting in synergy and cost-saving of [amount].

7. Conceptualised the marketing campaign "[CAMPAIGN]", resulting in an increase in customer awareness and visibility, resulting in increasing sales by [PERCENTAGE]%.]

Given my accomplishments, [the added responsibilities], [and that my compensation appears to be below the industry average], I am confident that you will agree that a salary increase is overdue to reflect the value I bring to the company. It would be greatly appreciated if you could afford me an opportunity to discuss how to best accommodate my request along with what is best for the company, please let me know of the time that is most convenient for you.