To  Management Office / Incorporated Owners / of BUILDING / City Council


06 October 2022


Dear Sir / Madam,

Complaint of Noise by the Occupant of ADDRESS

I ACCOUNT_FIRST_NAMEACCOUNT_LAST_NAME, am the Occupant of ACCOUNT_ADDRESS_SINGLE_LINE (the "Property"). I would like to lodge this formal complaint against NAME the Occupant of ADDRESS (the “Neighbour”).

[PLEASE STATE THE NUISANCE / NOISE CAUSED BY THE NEIGHBOUR - Since the moving into the Property in or about [DATE], my family noticed that loud music was often broadcasted after [START TIME] and would persist until [FINISH TIME] for [NUMBER OF TIMES] times a week (the "Nuisance”). After a throughout check, we discovered that such sound originates from the premises of the Neighbour, and [immediately above the master bedroom] of the Property.]

Owing to the Nuisance, our family never enjoys sweet dream since the moving in the Property. Worst still, I seldom sleep for more than 4 hours at night hence I was not able to concentrate on my work during day times working hours.

[We have lodged lots of complaints with the management office, but to no effect. We have asked the management office to arrange a meeting with the neighbour and no such meeting has been arranged.]

Under the laws of JURISDICTION_STATE, it is an offence if a person at any time in any domestic premises does any of the following in a way which creates noise that is a source of annoyance to any person. We believe the Noise created by our Neighbour constituted noise pollution and/or nuisance. We would like the Neighbour to cease and desist from doing so.  As this is not a sound proof building and we had to endure [PERIOD] of noise from the Neighbour. We hope the Neighbour would become a good neighbour and be more considerate.