To the Department of Human Resources



08 December 2021

Dear Sir / Madam,

Complaint of Discrimination by NAME

I would like to lodge this formal complaint against NAME, who is in the position of POSITION (the “Discriminator”), who has been discriminating against me for the past PERIOD.

[DESCRIBE THE FACTS] Ever since I joined the company] in [Month, Year], NAME has treated me in a discriminatory manner. The Discriminator frequently commented on my background in relation to my [race/gender/religion/socio-economic background/disability] and denied me valuable opportunities for professional growth and promotions. NAME has consistently behaved towards me in a manner which not only inconsistent with nor reflective of my efforts and abilities, but suggests highly subjective treatment on the basis of additional factors.   

I have tried to speak with the Discriminator privately to address the issue but [he / she] has been avoidant. On [date], we finally had a one-on-one meeting, [he / she] refuses to admit that [he / she] has conducted themselves inappropriately and discriminated against me on the basis of [race/gender/religion/socio-economic background/disability]. [He / She] claimed they were being objective and I was the one reacting to criticisms poorly. The discriminatory comments and behaviour have not stopped after the meeting. When I pointed them out, [he / she] said they did not have ill-intentions and refused to apologise even after I said their conduct was inappropriate.

[DESCRIBE HOW THE DISCRIMINATION AFFECTS YOU] - The discrimination has affected my self-esteem and made me lose confidence in myself and my abilities. It has not only compromised my ability to succeed on a professional level, but had a severe impact on my confidence and ability to feel comfortable in the work environment. My promotion prospects are being determined on the basis of my [race/gender/religion/socio-economic background /disability]. Even though I enjoy my job, I believe that I cannot continue to work here if the discriminatory behaviour does not cease and continues to influence my chances of professional success. Such discriminatory behaviour on the basis of [race/gender/religion/socio-economic background/disability] disadvantages me against my fellow colleagues who possess similar, if not the same qualifications but are objectively awarded the opportunities and promotions based on their efforts and abilities alone. My track record in this workplace reflects that my revenue generating capacity surpasses that of some colleagues who possess the same qualifications as me but receive more preferential treatment; however, due to my of [race/gender/religion/socio-economic background/disability], NAME does not [promote/treat] me the same way. This discriminatory behaviour is not conducive to a healthy atmosphere in the workplace, which has been felt by other [members of the company/coworkers].