22 February 2024


Dear NAME,

Re: Recommendation Letter for FIRST LAST for SPORT Team

I am writing to recommend FIRST LAST for the SPORT team application. After the practice trials on [Date], my [son / daughter] is very keen on joining the SPORT team. As [he / she] talked passionately about playing SPORT for the school, it is clear to me that they have their sight on SPORT as their first choice for after school activities. 

FIRST has been playing SPORT for [number] years since [Primary] School. [He / She] is relentless as a player and wants to be on the field at all times.  [He / She] has worked hard since last season on their skill and accuracy.  [He / She] has a keen interest in playing and have taken their natural talent to the next level through hard work and a tremendous desire to excel.

What is more, FIRST has shown [his / her] character, intelligence, and talent on and off the field.  [He / She] has good nature and an upbeat personality that makes people want to be around [him / her]. FIRST is also polite, and humble. 

I strongly believe that FIRST will be an asset to any team.  [He / She] is very resourceful and will figure out what [he / she] has to do to be successful in the team and then get it done.  I encourage you to give FIRST strong consideration.  [He / She] will make proud just as [he / she] has made us proud.