To: [Name of Police Department] 


24 October 2020

Dear Sirs,

Report on Adverse Possession

I am writing to file a report with your department on someone illegally occupying my property which may lead to adverse possession if not dealt with by the Police immediately. 

I had bought a piece of uncultivated land in a remote rural area located at [PROPERTY LOCATION DETAILS] about [NUMBER] years ago. One year after I bought the land, I had immigrated to [NAME OF COUNTRY]. The land was left unattended since I left [NAME OF CITY OF RESIDENT]. I have recently returned to [name of city of resident] and was shocked to discover that someone has been illegally occupying the land without my consent. Based on my observation, the land has been illegally possessed for quite a while. [There is currently a wooden hut built at one corner of the land while the remaining part of the land is being used for vegetable farming.]

[Please provide other details based on your own situation.]

I am lodging this police report as my formal complaint on illegal possession of my property. I hereby request the Police for immediate action to evict the existing occupier to avoid possible adverse possession claim in due course.

I have enclosed as evidence, proof of ownership of the land, video clips and photos showing the illegal possession of the land for your review.

I am most happy to make myself available to provide further details to the Police in support of my complaint. Thank you.