(A) By a loan agreement (the Loan Agreement) dated DATE made between PARTY_2_NAME (the Lender) and PARTY_1_NAME (the Mortgagor), the Lender has agreed, subject to the conditions there set out, to make available to the Borrower a loan facility of CURRENCY AMOUNT

(C) By an equitable mortgage (the Equitable Mortgage) dated 09 May 2021 made between (1) the Mortgagor and (2) the Lender, the Mortgagor has mortgaged in favour of the Lender, inter alia, all the right, title and interest of the Mortgagor in and to the securities listed in the Schedule[s] to the Equitable Mortgage. 

This deed witnesses as follows:

1. Words and expressions defined in the Loan Agreement and/or the Equitable Mortgage have, except where the context otherwise requires, the same meanings when used in this Deed. 

2. The Mortgagor hereby irrevocably and by way of security for the payment by it of the Secured Amounts and the performance by it of its obligations under the Loan Agreement and the Equitable Mortgage appoints PARTY_2_NAME, a company incorporated under the laws of  and whose registered office is at PARTY_2_ADDRESS_SINGLE_LINE and its successors in title and assigns (the Attorney) as the true and lawful attorney of the Mortgagor, on behalf of the Mortgagor and in the Mortgagor's own name or otherwise: 

(a) to transfer or procure the transfer of all or any of the Security Shares into the name of the Attorney or its nominee or nominees, or the name of any purchaser of all or any of the Security Shares, or its nominee or nominees (and for such purpose to complete, make and/or execute any form or forms of transfer in respect of any thereof) and to execute and deliver all other deeds or documents and to do all acts and things which the Attorney may consider necessary or advisable to perfect or to give proper effect to the intent and purposes of the Equitable Mortgage or to procure the registration of any transfer of the Security Shares in the name of any such transferee; and, following such registration and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing: