25 September 2022


Re: Request for Assistance with School Fees


I am the parent of FIRST LAST who is in NUMBER class. FIRST is very happy at SCHOOL and we certainly want to continue to study here.

However, given the impact of the coronavirus and especially the quarantine measures, my income has gone down drastically and my family's finance has been severely disrupted. I am in particular concerned about paying the school fees for the next semester.

In addition, with the current government restrictions on movements and school closures, FIRST will not be attending school physically in the foreseeable future. Though there are some interactions with teachers through distance learning, the main purpose of going to your esteemed school is unfulfilled. My child failed to receive proper education. This, in turn, has become part-time homeschooling for my child which imposed additional burden on our family.

In consideration of this pandemic induced situation, it is with regret that I am seeking the school for assistance in school fees. In particular, I would like to ask the school for a FEES% relief in school fees until the end of the pandemic. I hope to get in touch with you to discuss this matter as soon as possible.