09 May 2021


Dear Sir / Madam,


Re: IP Infringement – Acknowledgement of Cease and Desist Letter

We hereby acknowledge the receipt of your Cease and Desist letter dated DATE. We hereby agree to immediately cease and desist any further acts of IP infringement in relation to INFRINGEMENT and destroy any related products or materials.

In return, you will release us from any and all claims and liabilities relating to this specific IP infringement as confirmed in the Cease and Desist letter.

In addition, should we continue with any IP infringement in contravention with this letter, you will be entitled to file legal action against us for infringement, as well as to seek preliminary and permanent injunctions. We will also indemnify you for any monetary damages to your business, any profits forgone as a result of the infringement, damages on your goodwill as well as reimbursement of your lawyer’s fees associated with the legal action.