06 October 2022

Dear Sir / Madam,

Formal Complaint on Police Misconduct by NAME

This is a formal complaint relating to the conduct of members of the JURISDICTION_STATE Police Force. 


☐  I was being wrongfully arrested and detained in police custody.
☐  I have been detained in custody longer than necessary for the police to charge, bail or release me.
☐  The police has denied me legal representation initially.
☐  The police has failed to properly investigate and follow up against a complaint leading to my family members suffering harm.
☐  I have been wrongfully prosecuted. The police never had any real evidence against me but attempted to build and bring a case anyway.
☐  I was denied my rights and have been rudely treated by the police.
☐  I was physically assaulted by the police.
☐  I was sexually assaulted by the police.