Employee Conduct, Attendance, and Punctuality Policy

General Purpose

The intent and purpose of this policy (Employee Conduct Policy) is to set out and establish guidelines and policies for employees of ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY It aims to:

  1. Clarify appropriate workplace behaviour and workplace expectations; and
  2. Create a harmonious workplace environment.

General Policy

In ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY, employees are expected to act in a way which reflects well on the company, both internally and externally. Employees are also expected to contribute to creating a harmonious workplace environment in order to ensure smooth operation of the company. The Employee Conduct Policy is applicable to all employees in order to achieve these goals.

While this policy is meant to be comprehensive, it is impossible to anticipate every certain situation which could arise under this policy. As such, we will apply discretion in order to ensure fairness under this policy. Employees are also expected to apply the same level of discretion and judgement.

Employee Conduct 

Employees are expected to follow the following policies:

Employee Attendance and Leave

Employees may use their leave days as they desire. However, before doing so, a request must be submitted to the Human Resources department and your immediate supervisor no later than 1 week before the leave days are to be used.

Approval of leave is subject to the decision-making and discretion of the Human Resources department and may not be approved. As such, it is advisable to submit the leave application as soon as possible.

Employee Punctuality

Revision and Explanation of the Policy