Health and Safety Policy

General Purpose

ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY (the “Company”) recognizes employees as the Company’s most valuable asset and acknowledge their health and safety is of vital importance. The Company is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment by reducing potential hazards and risks, as long as it is reasonably practicable, for our employees. Our ultimate aim is to create a healthy and safe working environment that is risk-free and free from workplace injury. 

The objective of this policy is:

This policy applies to all levels of employees who are currently under a fixed-term contract, permanent contract part-time contract, interns, and casual workers. We expect our employees of all levels to comply, participate, and cooperate in their best endeavours. This policy is endorsed and fully supported by the Company and its senior management. The Company reserves all rights to amend the content of the policy at any time.

    Arrangements and Procedures

    Health and Safety Training 

    Health and safety training is an integral module of the Company’s training session and it will be planned and designed in the same manner as other compulsory modules. An induction training session will be held for each and every employee when their employment commences and an annual training session will be held for all employees. The content of the health and safety training module should be focused on:


    The Company will provide safety equipment and protective gear such as goggles, gloves, helmets for employees of specific roles, and under specific requirements by their immediate superior. The usage of this safety equipment is compulsory under such situations and requests and employees should ensure they are using the safety equipment in a safe way. The Company will not be responsible for any illness and/or injuries caused by using safety equipment in the wrong way. Appropriate signs will also be placed at dangerous spots in the office premises.


    Accident, First Aid and Work-related Ill Health

    Hygenic Remarks

    Health and Safety Committee

    Accident Reporting Procedures

    Policy Violations

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    Revision and Explanation of the Policy