Pitch Outline

1.     What is NAME? Who are you? Why you and your team? 

[Small Brat about you and your team’s qualification. The speciality that can make this project a success. Include a short story if time permissible. Introduce mission and vision of your NGO.]


2.     What do you do [and what is the problem]? 

[Tell them about what problem you are trying to resolve. No need to go into the problem if it is obvious.]


3.     Who are you organising the NGO for? 

[The target service group. Give some details and figures on the size of the target group and how would they benefit from your project. Also explain the anticipated effect of your project. 


4.     Why do they need it? How do they benefit from your service?

[What would the world be like with your service? How would the investor/ incubator/ funder benefit from providing fund to your project? (e.g. Improving corporate reputation)]