Business Plan Template



Date: 07 July 2022

Summary of Project:

Project Name NAME
Project Objective / Product / Service
Project / Funding Period
Social Problem / Issue
How the Project can Resolve / Alleviate the Problem
Target beneficiaries (with quantity)    
Brief Description of Project:  
Part I: Vision and mission  
(a) Social problem to be addressed 
(b) The strategy or method to be adopted 
(c) The positive change to be brought to society 
(d) Logic Model (with Diagrams)
Part II: Capacity of implementation and innovativeness  
(a) Work plan and implementation timetable of this project, such as community visit, recruitment of staff or volunteers, etc 
Before launch: 
During implementation
Timeline Implementation plan Performance Indicators
1st quarter (Month 1 - 3)
2nd quarter (Month 4 - 6)
3rd quarter (Month 7 - 9)
4th quarter (Month 10 - 12)
End of project 
(b) Potential problems and solutions  
(c) Project innovation and uniqueness  
(d) A SWOT analysis of the project  
SWOT analysis is a tool for examining an organisation and its environment. It is used at the initial stage of the project planning to help organisation to focus on key issues. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors. Opportunities and threats are external factors.
(e) Marketing and promotion strategies and the channels 
Part III: Social Impact 
(a)  Target group and your understanding of their needs 
(b)  Please state clearly how poverty alleviation and/or social inclusion can be addressed. 
Part IV: Capability of the team 
(a) Previous relevant experience of the team or applicant 
(b) Please attach a preliminary corporate governance plan 
(c) Other advisors and stakeholders engaged 
(d)  Measures to monitor the progress and quality of the project 
  1)    Mandatory - Project Outcome progress  
  2)    Any other measures in place eg. quality assurance measures    
Part V: Cost effectiveness 
(a) Cost control measures 
(b) Please attach a budget plan and cashflow analysis