THIS PARTNERSHIP DEED is entered into on 27 September 2023


(1)            PARTY_1_NAME whose principal place of business is at PARTY_1_ADDRESS_SINGLE_LINE (P1)

(2)            PARTY_2_NAME whose principal place of business is at PARTY_2_ADDRESS_SINGLE_LINE (P2)


(A) P1 and P2 wish to establish a partnership in TERRITORY under the name of NAME (the Partnership) for the purpose of BUSINESS.

(B) P1 and P2 wish to regulate their relationship as partners in the Partnership and the management of the Partnership in accordance with the terms of this Deed.

It is agreed as follows:

1. Interpretation


1.1 In this Deed the following expressions have the following meanings:

Accounting Period, with respect to the Partnership, means the period from and including FIN_YEAR in any calendar year to and excluding FIN_YEAR in the following year or such other period or periods as the Partners may determine;

Affiliate, in relation to any Partner, means any subsidiary or holding company for the time being of that Partner and any other subsidiary for the time being of that holding company;

Accounts means the accounts of the Partnership audited by the Auditors in accordance with clause 12;

Auditors means AUDITOR or such other firm as the Partnership Board may subsequently appoint;

Budget means the budget for each Accounting Period of the Partnership prepared pursuant to clause 13;