Leave Policy

ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY ("Company") understands that the Company's employees ("Employees") need to take time off from work for various reasons including health/vacation/maternity etc. from time to time.

This policy reflects the Company’s responsibility to provide a work environment that facilitates a work/life balance for its employees.


The purpose of this policy is to outline the rules and procedure for the employees to avail different types of leave during the course of employment with the Company. It sets out the terms for accrual of leaves, eligibility criteria, the procedure to apply and document the leaves etc.


Unless otherwise specified, this policy applies to all full-time and part-time employees of the Company.

Employees are entitled to the following types of leaves:

  1. Annual Leave
  2. Sick Leave
  3. Bereavement Leave/Compassionate Leave
  4. Maternity and Paternity Leave
  5. Casual Leave
  6. Sabbatical Leave
  7. Study Leave
  8. Statutory Holidays/Public Holidays
  9. Unpaid Holiday

The said leaves are established on a calendar-year basis unless otherwise specified by the Company.

 1.     Annual Leave

Employees can apply for Annual Leave when they need time-off with pay for a vacation or personal reasons.

 1.1 Eligibility and Entitlement

1.2 Unused Annual Leave

1.3 Procedure to Schedule Annual Leave

1.4 Termination of Employment

2.1 Eligibility and Entitlement

2.2 Unused Sick Leaves

2.3 Procedure

2.4 Termination of Employment

3.     Bereavement Leave/Compassionate Leave

 4.     Maternity and Paternity Leave

4.1 Maternity Leave

 4.1.1  Eligibility and Entitlement

4.1.2 Procedure

4.2 Paternity Leave

 4.2.1  Eligibility and Entitlement

4.2.1 Procedure

 5. Casual Leave

6. Statutory Holidays/Public Holidays

 7.1 Eligibility and Entitlement

7.2 Procedure

8.1 Eligibility and Entitlement

8.2 Procedure

10. Contact Details

 11. Amendments and Interpretation of the Policy terms