Disciplinary Policy

1. General Purpose

The purpose of the ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY (the “Company”) disciplinary policy (the “Policy”) is to help and encourage employees to achieve acceptable standards of conduct/behaviour at work and develop a work culture which improves performance and productivity.

The objective of this Policy is:

2. Scope

2.1 This Policy applies to all levels of employees who are currently under a fixed-term contract, permanent contract, part-time contract, interns, and casual workers (collectively referred to as the "Employee").  The Company reserves all rights to amend the content of the Policy at any time.

2.2 Nothing in this Policy creates any new contractual rights between the Company and the Employee nor should anything in this Policy be read or construed as modifying or altering the employment-at-will relationship between the Company and its Employees.

    3. General Principles

    3.1 Employee’s immediate supervisor (the "Supervisor") will address non-performance and misconduct/unacceptable behaviour-related disciplinary issues as per the Policy. For the purposes of this Policy, unacceptable behaviour/conduct may involve aggressive or abusive behaviour, failure to observe the Company policies, lack of professionalism, sexual harassment, injury to others due to negligence, assault, theft, serious acts of insubordination, misusing confidential information of the Company, use or possession of illegal drugs etc. These examples are not exhaustive or exclusive and behaviours/conduct of similar natures will be dealt with under this Policy.

    3.2 Disciplinary action may be taken against an Employee for actions taken while conducting the Company business whether on and off the Company premises.

    3.3 All matters relating to the disciplinary proceedings will be kept strictly confidential and will not be divulged to any parties not involved in the disciplinary process.

    3.4 The Supervisor or a management representative shall be responsible for conducting a thorough investigation of the alleged misconduct or unsatisfactory performance before any disciplinary action is taken.

    4. Disciplinary Procedure

    5. Stage 1 - Verbal Warning

    6. Stage 2 - Written Warning

    7. Stage 3 - Final Written Warning

    8. Stage 4 - Termination

    9. Appeals

    10. For More Information 

    11. Revision and Explanation of the Policy