21 April 2021


Please consider this as my resignation effective as once. I am writing to you rather than my new OLDPOSITION because I want you to know how exactly I feel.

You will recall that during that DURATION years that I have been working under you, I had had several offers from other companies, all of which promised better compensation and greater responsibilities. On each occasion, I discussed the situation with you and you gave me a reason to believe that I would eventually replace you, if and when you moved up. Although you did not explicitly said that I will be the next OLDPOSITION, but this was strongly implied throughout a lot of our conversations.

Your promotion to NEWPOSITION came as no surprise. It is common knowledge that no one is better qualified than you for that position. The genuine surprise was that instead of choosing one of the department managers to replace you, you selected an individual from outside the company. I am sorry to inform you that I do not agree or accept your reasoning - that we are indispensable in our present jobs. This would mean that a person can be penalized for doing their jobs well. Clearly, my opportunities for growth has been capped.