This Employment Agreement is made on 27 February 2024


Company:     PARTY_2_NAME

Employee:      PARTY_1_NAME
Identification:  EMPLOYEE_ID

For valuable consideration, the Company and the Employee agree as follows:


1.1.    The Employee is employed in the position of TITLE and will undertake all necessary duties as are generally performed by individuals who are employed in such a capacity. The Employee accepts and agrees to said employment, and agrees to be subject to the supervision, direction, and advice of the Company and Company’s supervisory agents.

1.2.    The Employee shall report directly to the REPORT of the Company.

1.3.    The Employee also agrees to perform further duties incidental to the general job description and other potentially unrelated services and duties that may be assigned to the Employee from time to time. 

1.4.    The position is FULLPARTTIME time and necessarily based in JURISDICTION_STATE.

1.5.    The Company shall provide on a timely basis, all facilities, equipment and consumables required for the performance of the Employee’s duties under this Employment Agreement.


2.1.    The Employee will commence work on COMMENCEMENT_DATE (“Commencement Date”).

2.2.    The employment of the Employee shall be, subject to the terms of this Employment Agreement, for an indefinite period.

2.3.    The normal working hours of employment shall be from START_TIME to FINISH_TIME WEEK_DAYS. However, the Employee can be expected to work over and above these hours when the workload so demands.

2.4.    The Employee shall not be required to work on Statutory Holidays.

2.5.    The Employee shall be entitled to ANNUAL_LEAVE days of paid annual leave per year.  Requests for leave must be approved by the Company and the timing of any leave will depend on the Company’s requirements.  The annual leave year runs from 1 January to 31 December in each year.  In the year of commencement or termination of employment, the Employee’s leave entitlement will be calculated pro rata based on full months worked in the year.

2.6.  After the Probationary Period mentioned hereinbelow, the Employee will also be entitled to up to SICKLEVAEsick days, with pay, which shall accrue from the date of this agreement, and PERSONALLEAVEpersonal days. Annual leave and personal days must be approved in advance by the Employee's immediate supervisor.


* I have received a copy of the Employment Agreement from the Company concerning my employment. I have read, considered and understood and hereby accept its terms and conditions. I acknowledge having been given an opportunity to obtain any legal consultation and advice with respect to the terms and conditions herein, and execute this Employment Agreement freely and voluntarily with full understanding of its contents. This Employment Agreement and my employment hereunder have not been induced by any representations of the Company not contained herein.