To the Admissions Office,



06 October 2022

Dear Sir / Madam,

Application for Class Representative

It is with great enthusiasm that I am applying for the Class Representative at [name of the degree]. 

I am [am in my [n]th year in SCHOOL and will receive my [diploma / degree] in [Month / Year]] / [graduated from SCHOOL with a degree in [degree] majoring in [major]]. [Being a senior, I fully understand the needs of the students majoring in this subject.]

It has always been my dream to pursue further studies at COLLEGE, a leader in the field of FIELD. Being a leader, it is essential to be able to listen and help others reflect on their needs. Becoming a class representative lets me grow and develop as a talented leader in this field. I am highly motivated and believe that I would not only be able to benefit from but also contribute to, the rich academic and cultural diversity of our class. 

I am enclosing my application packet, my school transcript and certificates, as well as letters of recommendation for your reference. It would be my pleasure to answer any questions or provide additional materials to assist with your decision. Please feel free to contact me by phone at ACCOUNT_PHONE_NO or by email at ACCOUNT_EMAIL.