in respect of the acquisition / investment of


This questionnaire sets out the information and documents required by BUYER ("Buyer") for the purpose of conducting due diligence in relation to a proposed acquisition / investment by Buyer in COMPANY.

The information and documents requested in this questionnaire are not exhaustive. Further particulars and other information may be required by Buyer based on or arising from the information or documents provided in accordance with this questionnaire. The request for information contained in this questionnaire is not in lieu of the standard warranties and indemnities to be given to Buyer.

Please provide the following in respect of COMPANY (the "Company") to conduct a due diligence exercise.


1.. Copy of Incorporation Documents (i.e. Memorandum and Articles of Association or other bye-laws or equivalent constitutional documents), statutory books, and minutes of directors' and shareholders' meetings for the last YEARS years.

3. Details of any branch, agency, place of business or any permanent establishment of the Company outside of its place of incorporation including address, brief description of business carried on and numbers of personnel involved.

4. Details in respect of:

(a) date and place of incorporation;

(b) authorised and issued share capital and loan capital (indicating whether or not fully paid);

(c) classes of shares in the Company;

(d) registered office or principal place of business; and

(e) names of officers, including full names and residential addresses of each director and the secretary.

5. Full names and addresses of all securities holders and loan stockholders of the Company, the number and class of shares held by each such securities holder in the Company and beneficial owners (if different), together with copies of relevant declarations of trust.