For the attention of: PARTY_1_CONTACT


28 January 2023


Early Termination of TENANCY Agreement in relation to ADDRESS (the "Premises") dated DATE

We refer to the above TENANCY Agreement (the "Agreement") between PARTY_1_NAME as the Tenant and us as the Landlord. Terms otherwise not defined below shall have the same meaning as the Agreement.

We hereby notify you that you have breached Clause CLAUSE of the Agreement REASONS. As a result of this material breach of the Agreement by the Tenant, we hereby notify you that we will be terminating the TENANCY and you are required to vacate the Premises on or before VACATE ("Termination Date").

You will pay for any outstanding rent as well as water, electricity and other utilities until the Termination Date. In addition, if the Premises is not in the same repair and condition as when it was first leased, you will be charged an amount to bring the Premises back to the original conditions.  These amounts shall be deducted directly from the security deposit. If the security deposit is insufficient to cover such amounts, you shall pay any excess to us on or before the Termination Date. 

You will provide us with vacant possession of the Premises and hand over the keys on the Termination Date. Otherwise, we will instruct a Bailiff to enforce our rights against you. After the successful transfer and full payment of the above amounts, neither the Landlord nor the Tenant shall have any claim against one another.