23 April 2021



The delivery of [Products] arrived on [date]. We were shocked to find that [all] / [some] of the [Products] delivered were not what we have originally ordered. [DESCRIBE THE ERROR – Our order was for [quantity] of [PRODUCTS] in [size, colour, type, etc.]. However, [different size, colour, type, etc.] were delivered to us instead.] We attach photos of the delivered goods. [We signed the delivery note prior to inspecting the goods, but as you can see, the goods delivered are different from what was stated in the invoice.]

[It would be greatly appreciated if you could send us the replacements [by air] before [date] [and let us know if you would like to collect the incorrect goods at the same time]. Obviously, we will not be responsible for the extra freight charges.] / [We would like to ask for a [full] refund of the goods.] / [We would like to ask for a [discount]% discount on the goods.] 

[[As we have already [used / sold] the goods [in / as] our products,] / [As our launch of [Products] has been affected by your goods], we are seeking for a compensation for the loss suffered by us [and our customers] due to the incorrect goods.] [We will be making a claim with our insurance company and their surveyors will investigate the extent of the damage.] [We will assess the damages and produce a report on the claim to you.]