06 October 2022


Dear [Title] LAST,

We have invited SPEAKER_OR_HOST to SPEAK_OR_HOST a EVENT_TYPE on TOPIC to be hosted by on EVENT_DATE at EVENT_TIME. SPEAKER_OR_HOST is very distinguished in the area of SPECIALISATION and has EXPERIENCE_NUMBER years of experiences in SPECIALISATIONHE_SHE_OTHER is also a DISTINGUISHING_TITLES.

We are honoured to have SPEAKER_OR_HOST with us and HE_SHE_OTHER will be available to answer questions during the session. We are inviting GUEST_NUMBER guests, most of whom are GUEST_TYPE

We would be delighted to have you join us. [This will be an excellent opportunity to network with other executives in the industry.] 

[As we would like to finalise our arrangement by FINAL_ARRANGEMENT, it would be greatly appreciated if you could R.S.V.P. to ACCOUNT_FIRST_NAME ACCOUNT_LAST_NAME by telephone on ACCOUNT_PHONE_NO or by e-mail at ACCOUNT_EMAIL.]

[If you are not already registered and would like to attend, please register online by clicking here ENROL_LINK or by sending an email to ACCOUNT_EMAIL.]