To:  ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY (the "Company")


Dated: 13 July 2020

Dear Sirs / Madams,

Authorisation to Open a [Type] Account - Individual / Joint Account

Re: Account Opening under the Name _________________________________________

1. I/We hereby authorise and request you to open and maintain a [cash / margin] [investment / securities trading] account (“the Account”) in the name of me/us for the purchases, sales, holdings of and any [investment / other dealings in securities] as I/we may instruct you as my/our agent to effect from time to time on my/our behalf.  The Account shall be maintained and all such purchases, sales, holdings of and any other dealings in securities shall be effected subject to and in accordance with the provisions of the Authorisation for Account Opening and the Client’s Agreement (“the Agreement”).  I/We confirm and acknowledge that the Agreement forms an integral part of the Authorisation for Account Opening.  I/We acknowledge receipt of a signed copy of the Agreement.

2. For the purpose of opening the Account, I/we enclose the duly completed and signed Account Opening Form, my/our copies of Hong Kong Identity Card/Passport and copy of a bank statement or utility bill within the last 3 months for proof of home address.

3. I/We warrant that the information set out in the Account Opening Form is true and correct and that you are entitled to rely fully on such information to act on my/our behalf unless and until you receive notice of any change from me/us in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement.  I/We undertake to advise you promptly of any material change to such information.

4. I/We confirm that:-

(a) the individuals whose names are listed in the Account Opening Forms are the persons (“Authorised Persons”) Authorised on my/our behalf to give you oral, telephone or written instructions:-

(i) in relation to the operation of the Account; and

(ii) to effect purchases, sales, holdings and other dealings in Securities and transfer of funds;

(b) the signature set opposite the name of each of the Authorised Persons is his genuine signature and, in the case of written instructions, such signature operates as the specimen signature of each of such Authorised Persons; and

(c) the information set out in the Account Opening Form is true, complete and accurate.

5. We acknowledge that, subject always to your discretion not to accept or act on any instructions given by me/us to you for purchases, sales, holdings and any other instructions of dealings in securities as my/our agent from time to time as provided in the Agreement, you shall be entitled to rely and act on any such instructions given or apparently, to your satisfaction, given from time to time on my/our behalf, in the case of both oral, telephone and written instructions by any one of the Authorised Persons.

6. Where we are joint account holders, upon the death of any of us and in the absence of written notice to the contrary from any of us or the legal representative(s) of any of us, you are entitled to treat the Authorisation for Account Opening as remaining in force.

7. I/We agree that all confirmations and statements in relation to the Account issued by you to me/us pursuant to the Agreement shall be conclusive and binding on me/us.

8. I/We elect for all [investment / trading in securities] to be conducted by you as my/our agent on my/our behalf on the [cash / margin] basis.

9. I/We, the undersigned Client, declare that the contents of the Authorisation for Account Opening, Account Opening Form (together with any Schedules thereto) and the Agreement have been duly explained to me/us in a language (English or Chinese) that I/we understand and I/we agree to be bound by the provisions thereof.


Client’s Signature(s) and Name