Extract from Minutes of Meeting of Directors 

We hereby certify that the following board resolutions have been passed by the Board of Directors of ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY (“the Company”) at a Meeting of the Board duly convened and held at ACCOUNT_JOB_ADDRESS_SINGLE_LINE on 29 October 2021 at which a quorum was present and acted throughout in accordance with the Articles of the Company and have been duly recorded in the Minutes Book of the Company without amendment and that the same are now in full force and effect.


(1)     BANK (“Bank”) be authorised as the banker of the Company.

(2)    That the opening by the Company of one or more bank accounts (current, Multi-currency Statement Savings and Time Deposit) with BANK be and is hereby authorised and approved and that any of the Directors and/or officers be and are hereby authorised to agree on the terms and conditions of and execute any bank mandate forms, indemnities and other account opening forms required by the Bank, as a deed where necessary, any mandate resolutions required by the Bank being deemed to be incorporated herein. 

(2)  That the documents for account opening, [Limited Company Account Form, Application for Corporate online banking] and the relevant resolutions in such form as completed and as reviewed and considered by the Directors be and are hereby approved and that any Director of the Company be and are hereby authorized to sign the same for and on behalf of the Company and to deliver the signed originals to the Bank.

(3)    That for the operation of the Account, any NUMBER of the following persons be and is hereby authorized to give oral or written instructions on behalf of the Company, by telephone or in-person or by facsimile or by letter or otherwise in all matters affecting the Account, in all matters affecting the Account, including but not limited to the giving of instructions, transfer of funds and to sign any documents, statements or confirmations: 

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