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                             Legal Entity             

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Does your ordinary business involve the acquisition, disposal or holding of shares and debentures, whether as principal or agent? 

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Are you a member or participant registered with any stock or commodities exchange or are you regulated or supervised by any government or regulator agency?

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Share Capital

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Issued Share Capital : _____________shares of par value *CURRENCY /Other _______ each share.

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Particulars of any other accounts maintained by the Client with ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY

Account Title



Account Title




Annual Net Profit after Tax (CURRENCY

CURRENCY                                      for fiscal year ending 

Total Net Worth (CURRENCY

Do you own any Property / Real Estate 

 If Yes, please provide details ______________________________________    No   

                              with financing     without financing

Investment Objectives and risk tolerance 

Conservative   Income  Hedging   Capital Gain   Speculation

Low Risk         Medium Risk            High Risk  

Investment Experience  Stock/Warrant   Yes __________ Year(s)   No

           Option/Future       Yes __________ Year(s)   No

                    Forex/Bullion     Yes __________ Year(s)   No

                    Others _________________________________________________________

Persons authorised to operate the Account 

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1.              The attached Cash Client’s Agreement in relation to the operation of the Account must be signed by the client.

2.              If client is not the ultimate person or entity and/or beneficiary originating instructions and/or reaping gain or bearing risk of Transaction in the Account, please complete Schedule “I” hereto.

3.              Any instruction bearing any one or more of the specimen signatures of the authorised persons will be binding on the client.

4.              Client is drawn to Notice on Personal Data in Schedule “V” hereto.


The information contained in this Account Opening Form is true and accurate.  The Company is entitled to rely fully on such information and representations for all purposes, unless the Company receives notice in writing of any change.  The Company is authorised at any time to contact anyone, including your banks, brokers or any credit agency, for the purpose of verifying the information provided on this Account Opening Form.



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