About DocPro

Our Mission

Democratise Documentation

To provide individuals and businesses globally with access to quality, affordable documents.

To create a community where members can find / request / pool / share their documents, have them reviewed and converted into templates by top legal professionals for all to use.

To improve documents management, negotiation, execution, execution and retention processes through standardization and technology.

Core Value

Our core values are fundamental to the way we operate. Our six core values are:

Our Team

Our lawyers are qualified in numerous common law jurisdictions with over 20 years of experience in major international law firms and banks. We understand the difficulties in finding quality documents online - many documents are jurisdictional specific, and it is often not clear if a template is neutral or biased in favour of one party.

Our vision is to create a document platform where members can find commonly used documents and tailor them by following step-by-step instructions. Members can also share their documents, have them reviewed and edited by our legal professionals for other members to use as legal contract templates.