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DocPro has one of the largest libraries of personal, business and legal documents online. We are a legal tech community where members can find, request, download, share and comment on commonly used documents in Word format. 

Smart Customisation

DocPro allows you to customise your document by filling in a questionnaire (e.g. party names) and automatically completing the document using the information you provide. You can then easily download, export or share the documents. 

Extensive and Growing Library of Documents 

As our library of documents is continually growing and improving, DocPro encourages our members to request and share documents that are not yet available on DocPro and give their feedback on documents. 

Different Forms of Documents 

DocPro provides many different forms of each document. For example, our tenancy agreement has a version for the tenant, one for the landlord, and a neutral form. Allowing you to find a document more suitable to your needs and start you off in a better position in legal situations. 

Reviewed by Lawyers that you can Trust 

Our documents have been drafted or reviewed by experienced lawyers qualified in various common law jurisdictions.

Common-Law Jurisdiction Selection Engine 

DocPro documents are drafted in general terms that are applicable across most common law jurisdictions. DocPro has a proprietary jurisdiction selection engine that helps you pick the document's appropriate governing law and jurisdiction. 

DocPro database covers all documents, not just legal contracts 

DocPro offers over 2000 different templates, including legal contracts and documents such as complaint letters, applications, invitations, and requests. Join us to access our diverse library and create your desired document.

DocPro offers a variety of templates used in common law jurisdictions. Ranging from legal contracts, agreements, company policies, compliance documents, corporate resolutions, checklists to guides. Allowing you to provide well-drafted documents efficiently and effortlessly for your team.

In addition to legal and business documents, we also have a range of personal documents and correspondences such as will, school application, CV, cover letter, reference letter, and many more.

If the document you require is not available in our library, you can request a new one through our “Request Document” function, and we will try our best to create it for you. Please note that such requests are only available for our unlimited and lifetime members with priority given to our lifetime members.

DocPro offers an Unlimited Membership that allows you to create all the documents you need for just US$99 for one year. This membership is great for startups who have many documentation needs in the first year of business.

For a limited time only, DocPro is also offering a Lifetime Membership for just US$199. This is great for everyone who wants to pay a one-off fee for documents that will last a lifetime. You will not be required to pay again with our Lifetime plan.

Your Membership will give you unlimited access to our library of contracts, agreements, terms, policies and communications templates. You may also request for new general document templates to be made. Lifetime members will also get priority over associate members when making document requests.

DocPro offers a 7 day 100% money-back refund. A full refund will be provided if:
(i) request made within 7 calendar days of purchase; and
(ii) the account in question has downloaded less than five documents.

Method 1: Search box

The easiest way is to type one or more keywords in the search box to see if DocPro has the document you are trying to find. The most relevant documents will appear at the top of the list. If too many search results appear, you can filter the documents using the selection tools on the left.

Method 2: Advance Search

Another way to search is to go to the “Advance Search” page found here. There, you can filter your search by selecting:
1. Type of document,
2. Business/ Personal documents
3. Category of document

Method 3: Search by categories

If you are not certain which document(s) would be best suited for you, you can browse by categories of documents. Select “Documents” from the home page, and then “Business” or “Personal”. A list of all available categories will be displayed. You can also browse through the categories and sub-categories by scrolling left or right. Select the category to find the documents you need.

Step 1: Choose a document
Once you have chosen a document, click on its name, and you will be taken to a document summary page with a more detailed preview description of the document. If you decide this is the document that best fits your needs, click on “Create Document” to create the document.

Step 2: Log in
In order to proceed, you must sign up or log in first. Please complete your profile with genuine personal and business information as they can be used to autofill documents later. This can save you time from having to retype information every time you create a new document.

Step 3: Enter Party details
For multi-party documents such as agreements and contracts, you will be asked to complete the details for each party. You can choose to fill in your personal or business information under your profile by clicking either “Fill using Member’s Information” buttons.

For single-party documents, such as letters or resumes, the documents will be automatically filled with your registered information.

Step 4: Complete the questionnaire
DocPro will tailor the document to suit your needs by asking you a series of relevant questions relating to the document you are creating. The document will be customised according to the responses you give.

Step 5: Finish!
After completing the questions, you can select “Get Document” to finish creating your document. After you have created the document, it will be automatically downloaded as a Word document and saved to your account under “My Templates” list. You can then further edit the document and download it at any time.

You can make changes to any document you have created on DocPro through the “Edit” button under the “My Templates” page. First, log in to your Membership account if you have not already done so. You will then be directed to an editor, where you can make changes to the document online. The latest version of your document will be saved in your account.

Another way is to press the “Export” button to download the document in Doc format and then use a word processing software such as “Microsoft Word” or “Open Office” to edit the document. However, the latest changes would not be saved to DocPro should you wish to retrieve or replicate the document in the future. You can replicate a document by pressing the “Replicate” button and changing the details to another party. However, if you would like to have a different form of the document or be taken through the series of questions again, you will need to “Create Document” again.

You can submit requests for templates by logging in, selecting “My Account” and clicking the “Request Document” tab. Give us a brief description of the document and which jurisdiction you would like the document. We will see if the requested document is something that other members may also need. If so we will provide a template accordingly. Please note: Priority will be given to Lifetime members.

We would love to hear from you on how else we can improve! You can give us your feedback by signing in, selecting “My Account”, then clicking the “Feedback” tab.

To share a document, log into your DocPro account and go to the home page. Select “Share Templates”, insert details such as document name, jurisdiction, type, descriptions, categories and select the document for upload. If we find the document to be useful for our platform, our legal professionals will revise and convert it into a template that our other Members can access.

To comment on a document you have used, first select “My Account” at the top right corner of the page. Then, select the “Feedback” tab and click “Comment on Document”. There, a list of documents you have previously used would be displayed. Select the document and choose “Comment” to edit and comment on the document. Our legal professionals will review your comments and update the templates as we see fit.

Each DocPro account is limited to one member only. A member cannot share his/her DocPro account with other people. We reserve the right to terminate any account that violates DocPro’s terms and conditions.

DocPro owns the copyright of all the documents on its database. You are licensed to use the DocPro document created for your own use. You can share your document only with other parties of the document. However, you must not create documents for use by non-members, nor can you share documents with others with the intention of duplicating the documents for use by the non-members.

We rely on the contributions and integrity of our members to maintain our platform. Please invite your non-member friends, family and customers to subscribe should they wish to use our services.

DocPro offers a 7 day 100% money-back refund. A full refund will be provided if:
(i) request is made within 7 calendar days of purchase; and
(ii) the account in question has downloaded less than five documents.

Downgrading your account is a different process from asking for a refund. To request a refund, please submit your request to our General Feedback found here.

Our team will need to verify that you are terminating within seven days and downloaded less than five documents before starting the refund process. However, please note that once we terminate your membership, you may not be able to register with DocPro again.