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Christina Keough
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4 Nov 2022

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31 Mar 2022

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DocPro is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary with a new website. It goes live on 1st April 2022 and is located at the same address: https://DocPro.com 


The new site has been crafted to be sleeker than ever, easier to navigate and more user-friendly. While keeping the design consistent with the former we moved to a more member-centric layout. 


We welcome our Members with featured documents and resources to focus on our mission to provide accessible and affordable legal solutions for everyone. Our current and prospective Members will find it easy to search and locate documents and resources we offer.


Therefore, more and more of our appreciated Members search for documents on mobile devices. We did everything to further improve mobile usability and offer them an even better user experience.


In addition, DocPro has also been selected by Legal Elite as the Best Legal Documents Platform 2022. To mark the double celebrations, we are introducing a new Lifetime plan for our members – one payment of $129 for lifetime use of unlimited business, personal and legal documents. This offer is for a limited time only. For information about our lifetime plan, please go to: https://docpro.com/pricing-plans

About DocPro - DocPro is a team of dedicated documents professionals with a passion for making quality documents and legal contract templates accessible to the public. DocPro was launched in April 2020 and has over 150,000 monthly users and more than 2,000 documents online. DocPro’s lawyers are qualified in numerous common law jurisdictions with over 20 years of experience in major international law firms, corporates and banks. 

For more information, please visit: https://docpro.com 

Christina Keough

Christina is a Legal Writer at DocPro. Christina manages the legal articles and blogs, identifies legal topics, and invites lawyers and legal experts to contribute. Christina holds a law degree from a leading university. If you would like to become a blog contributor to DocPro, please click the link below:

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