Why Did We Start DocPro?

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Date published: 1 Oct 2019
by DocPro Legal
Last Update: 19 Oct 2020

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DocPro - Democraticise Documentation


Leaving a successful 20 years legal career to pursue an entrepreneurial venture is not easy. But if you truly believe what you do will create value in the community, it is almost impossible not to make the leap.


Finding the Right Template


As lawyers, we are always trying to locate precedents and templates online. When people are looking for documents, Google is often the first place to go to. However, it seems increasingly difficult to find the right documents on Google given the top ranked results on the first page are dominated by related paid sites or advertisements. In particular, most of these sites are based in the U.S. and only provide U.S. centric documents. It is very difficult to find documents suitable for people from other English common law countries.


Even if the right template is found, it is often in PDF form which makes it almost impossible to edit. Another issue is that it is not easy for ordinary people without legal background to determine if a document that they find online is in favour of one party or another. The risk of using the wrong legal form is high. In addition, online legal documents are often priced at exorbitant rates, and users may feel cheated because they only require such legal document on an one-off / one in a blue moon basis.   


Sharing of Quality, Affordable Documents


We hope to “Democratise Documentation” through the creation of a documents sharing platform. Our vision is to provide individuals and businesses globally with access to quality, affordable documents at nominal membership fees. We aim to create a community where members can find, request, pool & share their documents, have them reviewed and converted into templates by top legal professionals for everyone to use. 


The DocPro platform is not limited to legal documents, and includes commonly used personal and business documents. They can be tailored by our members through step-by-step instructions and our jurisdiction selection engine on a DIY basis. Through our persistence and determination, we hope to bring to the world professional quality documents at an affordable price.