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Complaint Letter to Public Utilities Service Provider

Over Charging

Complaint letter to utilities company (electricity, gas, water, telecom) on over charging in monthly bill and demanding adjustment of bill amount. Request that the company review and respond to the revised bill.

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Document Description

A complaint letter to the utility company (electricity, gas, water, telecom) on overcharging in the monthly bill and demanding adjustment of the bill amount.

The complainant is bringing to the customer service department's attention that their bill is overstated.

The complainant finds that the electricity/gas/water/data usage stated on the bill is inaccurate.

Therefore, the complainant is requesting a review of the meter reading/data usage record, to make an adjustment to the billed amount and to be sent a revised bill.

How to use this Document?

This complaint letter may be used upon receiving a bill from the utility company overcharging in the monthly bill and thus, can be used to draft a letter to demand an adjustment of the bill amount.

The bill details and the complaint details explaining how the bill amount is overstated should be clearly stated.

Your account details should be included for the company to check the billing record.



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