Complaint Letter to Pension Authority

Withholding of Pensions by Ex-employer

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Letter of Complaint to the pension fund authority on ex-employer withholding the pension / delay in transfer of pension to the new trustee.

After my leaving employment, the Company has only paid me my leaving entitlements. However, as at to date, the Company has not yet transferred the remaining to my existing MPF trustee which amounts to [AMOUNT]. I have sent several reminders by way of emails and have not received any reply. I have called up the Company many times but have not been able to get hold of anyone after leaving messages.

My existing trustee has also sent several written reminders to the Company to follow up for me but has never received any response from the Company. The first time I requested the Company to transfer the pension to my MPF Trustee was [DATE] and no update has been provided to me and to my pension trustee.

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