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Complaint Letter to Pension Authority

Withholding of Pensions by Ex-employer

Letter of Complaint to the pension fund authority on ex-employer withholding the pension / delay in transfer of pension to the new trustee.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Complaint Letter to Pension Authority' is a formal complaint letter addressed to the pension or mandatory provident fund authority. The letter is written by an individual who is complaining about their ex-employer withholding their pension funds. The letter provides detailed information about the situation and requests the authority to investigate and follow up on the matter.


The letter starts with the sender's information, including their name, address, and email. It is then addressed to the customer services department of the pension authority. The sender expresses their dissatisfaction with the company and explains that they were an ex-employee of the company who left employment on a specific date.


The sender mentions that they had a pension scheme with the company, for which they did not need to make any contributions. The name of the trustee of the scheme is also provided. The main issue raised in the letter is that after leaving employment, the company has only paid the sender their leaving entitlements but has not transferred the remaining amount to their existing pension trustee.


The sender highlights that they have sent several reminders to the company through emails but have not received any reply. They have also made multiple phone calls but have been unable to reach anyone. The sender's existing trustee has also sent written reminders to the company but has not received any response.


To support their complaint, the sender encloses several documents, including their application for pension transfer form to the company, a chain of email chasers from the sender to the company, and a letter from their existing trustee to the company. The sender mentions that the process has taken an exceptionally long time, and despite their repeated attempts to contact the company, they have not received any satisfactory response.


In conclusion, the sender requests the pension authority to look into the matter and follow up on their behalf. They provide their contact details and give consent for the authority to use their personal information for the investigation. The letter is signed off with the sender's name and includes an enclosure section listing the enclosed documents.

How to use this document?

To use the 'Complaint Letter to Pension Authority' document effectively, follow these steps:


1. Provide your information: Fill in your last name, first name, address, and email in the designated fields at the beginning of the letter. This ensures that the pension authority can contact you regarding your complaint.


2. Address the letter: Make sure to address the letter to the customer services department of the pension or mandatory provident fund authority. This ensures that your complaint reaches the appropriate department.


3. Explain the situation: Clearly state that you are complaining about your ex-employer withholding your pension funds. Provide details about your employment with the company, including the date you left. Mention the name of the trustee of your pension scheme.


4. Describe your efforts to contact the company: Explain that you have sent several reminders to the company through emails and made multiple phone calls, but have not received any response. Mention that your existing trustee has also contacted the company without success.


5. Enclose supporting documents: Attach the necessary documents to support your complaint, such as your application for pension transfer form, the chain of email chasers, and the letter from your existing trustee. Make sure to list these documents in the enclosure section.


6. Request investigation and follow-up: Clearly state that you want the pension authority to look into the matter and follow up on your behalf. Provide your contact details, including your address, phone number, and email.


7. Consent to use of personal information: Confirm your consent for the authority to use your personal information for the investigation. Also, give consent for your name to be disclosed to the company.


8. Sign off the letter: Sign the letter with your name in the designated sign block.


By following these steps, you can effectively use the 'Complaint Letter to Pension Authority' document to lodge your complaint and seek resolution for the withholding of your pension funds.

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