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Birthday Invitation Letter

Direct Birthday Party Invite

This letter can be used as a template for an invitation to a birthday. The birthday person hosts the party and invites his/her friends directly.

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Document Description

This letter can be used as a template for an invitation to a birthday party. It is meant to be sent by a third party, who is the host, to invite friends to the person’s surprise party.

An invitation signals the importance of an event. A mere invitation via text or social media might come across as casual, where guests might be not as inclined to join the event and hence a formal invitation should be used to show the importance of the celebration. 

The letter includes details of the surprise birthday party, such as the date, time, venue, dress code, and the approximate length of the party.

The letter should also include the deadline and method for responding. Such information is helpful for your preparation for the birthday party.

How to use this Document?

Upon hosting a birthday party, lunch, dinner or a birthday event, this formal invitation template may be used to draft an invite to the birthday event. 

The event date, time and venue should be clearly stated in the invitation. 

This birthday invitation letter should be sent to guests prior to the event date. 


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