Compilation of e-mail, internet and messaging Acronyms

Online Acronyms

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Compilation of 200 commonly used online, e-mail, internet and messaging Acronyms.

ASL = Age / Sex / Location?

ATM = At the moment

B/C = Because

B2K / BTK = Back to Keyboard

B3 = Blah, Blah, Blah

B4YKI = Before You Know it

BAE = Before Anyone Else

BFF = Best Friends, Forever

BM&Y = Between Me and You

BRB = Be right Back

BRT = Be right There

BTAM = Be that as it May

BTT = Back to Topic

BTW = By the Way

C-P = Sleepy

C&P = Copy and Paste

CTN = Cannot talk now

CU = See you

CUS = See You Soon

CWOT = Complete Waste of Time

CYS = Check your Settings

CYT = See You Tomorrow

DAE = Does anyone else?

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