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19 Mar 2021

How to Write an Investment Agreement (With Templates)?

When your company raises capital, you will need to draw up several kinds of legal documents to support and ensure that the process goes seam...

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5 Mar 2021

What is the Role of a Brand Ambassador and What You Need to Know About One?

Following the rise of social media, brand ambassadors, or brand representatives, have become increasingly central to the marketing tactics o...

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12 Jun 2020

How to Protect Minority Shareholder Rights (with Examples)?

One of the most common questions in company law is - as a minority shareholder, how do I protect my interests? This guide provides an overvi...

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13 Jan 2022

Most Popular Contracts and Documents of 2021 (with DocPro Templates)

DocPro, a leading online document creator and legal tech platform, has unveiled its list of most popular documents of 2021. Not surprisingly...

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3 Jan 2022

When do you need a Litigation Lawyer? 8 Questions to ask a Litigation Attorney

When do you need a Litigation Lawyer? If you have a substantive legal case or are a potential defendant in a litigation, you should seek leg...

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7 Dec 2021

How to Conduct a Company Meeting? Annual General Meeting (AGM) vs Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

Company meetings are of fundamental importance in corporate governance. The members (shareholders) of the company exercise the ultimate cont...

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14 Nov 2021

What does NDA Stands for? 10 tips on Negotiating a Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement

NDA stands for Non Disclosure Agreement, also known as Confidentiality Agreement. It is a legal document to create obligations of confidenti...

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1 Nov 2021

10 Essential Things you need to know about Corporate Law

Corporate law (also known as company law) first started when business owners want to organise their businesses as separate legal entities to...

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21 Oct 2021

DocPro Wins GoGlobal LegalTech Award 2021

DocPro, a leading online provider of legal solutions to businesses and individuals, has received the Go Global Award as the best LegalTech o...

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17 Oct 2021

How to Buy a Business from Administrator, Liquidator and Receiver?

Are you buying an asset or the whole business? Are you buying from the "Administrative Receiver", "Receiver", "Administrator" or "Liquidator...

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7 Oct 2021

Common copyright questions answered by copyright lawyer

Is there copyright protection to something that I have created? Do I have the copyright to this? Have I infringed someone else’s copyright? ...

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16 Sep 2021

What are common legal issues in businesses and how to avoid them?

This article breaks down the common legal issues businesses face and discusses how you can avoid them.

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14 Sep 2021

“You are fired!” Are you entitled to unfair dismissal compensation?

This article provides an overview of the key stages of an unfair dismissal claim and discusses the requirements an employee must fulfil to b...

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10 Sep 2021

Top 5 Considerations Employers Must Consider Before Enforcing Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations in the Workplace

This article provides guidance to employer regarding mandatory Covid-19 vaccination in the workplace

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31 Aug 2021

What are the Main Types of Power of Attorney?

This article gives a brief overview of the different types of power of attorney and how they should be used to help you manage your property...

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23 Aug 2021

Variation of contract - Can my employer change my employment contract?

People often have second thoughts about the terms of the contract or wish to do something differently from what was originally agreed. Are t...

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16 Aug 2021

Unfair Contract Terms - Can Consumers Rely on Statutory Protection?

Consumers are generally provided with unfair contracts in relation to goods and services. The contract terms tend to be one-sided and in fin...

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30 Jul 2021

The Top 10 Must-haves in Every Independent Contractor Agreement

The growth of the gig economy and increase in remote working means that more companies are choosing to hire independent contractors. After a...

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