Mastering the Art of Writing a Professional Two-Week Notice: Templates and Tips

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9 Aug 2023

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7 Jul 2023

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Have you ever thought about quitting your job? If so, you're not alone. It’s not as easy as walking through the door though. It requires a series of carefully calculated and meticulously planned actions. You need to find another job, go through the interviewing process, and resign from your current position. In this blog post, we will focus on the latter. We will guide you through the steps of writing a two-week notice, or a resignation letter, and provide you with templates that can help you draft a concise resignation letter masterfully. 


What is a Two-Week Notice Letter?

A two-week notice is a formal resignation prov letter provided by an employee to an employer. It demonstrates the employees intent to leave the job in two weeks' time. It is also considered a professional courtesy that allows the employer time to find a suitable replacement and ensure a smooth transition.


Why is it it important to resign professionally? 


When leaving your job, it cannot be understated how important it is for you to resign professionally. It allows you to maintain positive relationships with your employers and colleagues, preserving your professional reputation. This demonstrates your integrity, reliability, and commitment to maintaining professional standards, increasing your employability. Through maintaining positive relationships with employers and colleagues, it could also increase your prospects. It allows you to retain your professional network, which may be valuable for references, recommendations, and future opportunities.


It is also important for your employers that you hand in a two week notice. It demonstrates your professional character, gratitude for the opportunities until now, and respect for the company. 



How to write a Two-Week-Notice Letter

This is our step by step guide. 

  • What format should I use when writing a Two-Week-Notice?

You may consider using a business letter format which includes your contact information, the recipient's information, a formal salutation, body paragraphs, and a polite closing. This allows you to deliver a message that is clear, concise, and formal.


  • Who do I address when writing a Two-Week-Notice?

It is likely that you should address either your immediate supervisor or appropriate superior of your company in your resignation letter. The salutation used should be formal, an example of such being “Dear [Recipient],”. If you are unsure who it should be addressed to, you may also use “To whom this may concern,”.

  • How should I start my Two-Week-Notice?

In your first paragraph, you should clearly state your intention to resign. You should also specify the effective date of your departure. Although this date is typically set two weeks from the date of your notice, hence the reason it is called a ‘two-week-notice’, this may differ per contract. You may wish to read through your own contract before writing this. It is important that you are straightforward but polite in communicating your decision to maintain professionality. 

  • What should I include in a Two-Week-Notice?

In your second paragraph, you may wish to express your gratitude. This could stem from the opportunities your company provided you to grow, or the colleagues that have cultivated a productive and enjoyable working environment. You may wish to be specific and highlight the achievements you’ve accomplished or skills you’ve learnt throughout your tenure.Your gratitude should be expressed in order to leave a positive impression of your time at the company. 


In your third paragraph, you may wish to provide a brief reason as to why you are resigning. This is entirely optional as the reason may not be something you are comfortable sharing. However, where possible, it could be used to remove doubt and speculation of your reason for departure. It could also be used to maintain positive relationships and leave a good impression on your employer and colleague.

  • Should I offer my assistance to train my replacement?

In your fourth paragraph, you may wish to show your willingness to assist in the transitioning process for the rest of your tenure. Through offering to train your replacement, providing comprehensive handover documentation, or helping with pending projects, it demonstrates your commitment to leaving on good terms and maintaining the company's productivity. This will, again, leave a good professional impression on your employer and colleagues. 

  • How should I end my two-week-notice?

In your final paragraph, you may wish to conclude your two week notice with a positive tone. You may thank them again for the opportunities they have provided you until now. You may also thank them for their understanding proactively. 


You may wish to sign off with a polite and professional closing such as “Sincerely” or “Best regards”, with your name following the  sentiment. This allows you to finish your letter in a manner that is both professional and polite, leaving a favorable impression for your soon to be ex-employer. 


DocPro Template for Two-Week Notice Letter

Download this template for a two-week-notice letter.  




It is essential to resign professionally when leaving a job. It helps maintain positive relationships, preserves your professional reputation, and demonstrates your integrity and commitment. In order to craft a two-week notice, you must write it in the right format, expressing gratitude, and optionally sharing your reason for resignation. Offering assistance for a smooth transition and concluding with a positive tone further enhances the professionalism of your resignation. It sets the stage for future success, maintains valuable connections, and leaves a positive legacy. Don’t forget to tailor the templates provided if used to your personal circumstances and maintain a respectful tone throughout your letter.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • How to calculate a notice period?

To calculate a notice period, check your employment contract or company policy for guidelines. If not specified, refer to statutory notice periods outlined in employment laws. Communicate and adhere to the required number of days or working days for your notice period.


  • How many days is two weeks' notice?

Two weeks' notice typically consists of 14 days.


  • How to submit a Two weeks notice letter?

To submit a two-week notice letter, address it to your supervisor or manager, include the date and your intention to resign, provide a brief explanation, offer to assist with the transition, and express gratitude for the opportunity.


  • Is it mandatory to state a reason in the two week notice?

No, it is not mandatory to state a reason in the two-week notice.



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