Top 11 Must-Have Documents for Tenants and Landlords (With Templates)

Christina Keough
Last Updated:

8 Aug 2022

Published On:

22 Jun 2022

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Tenants and landlords often require much more than just a Tenancy Agreement to fully protect themselves during unexpected circumstances.


Find out below what documents you need and why you should have them in your arsenal.  


When faced with termination events, a rent review, unpaid rent, the involvement of a guarantor, a landlord’s need to enter leased premises and the addition of tenants, landlords and tenants undoubtedly would wish to comprehensively protect their rights, interests and financial expectations.


Unfortunately, merely drafting up and entering into a Tenancy Agreement may be insufficient, given the myriad of potential unexpected circumstances that may arise. Check out DocPro’s template for a domestic Tenancy Agreement or a commercial Tenancy Agreement.