Revolutionising Legal Document Creation: The Inspiration Behind DocPro and its Vision for the Future

Kim Chan
Last Updated:

27 Jan 2023

Published On:

1 Oct 2019

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DocPro is an innovative platform that aims to democratize documentation by providing individuals and businesses globally with access to quality, affordable documents at nominal membership fees. The platform, created by a team of legal professionals, aims to create a community where members can find, request, pool, and share documents, have them reviewed, and converted into templates by top legal professionals for everyone to use.


One of the biggest challenges faced by legal professionals is the difficulty in finding relevant and appropriate templates online. Search engines like Google are often the first place to go, but the top results are dominated by paid sites or advertisements, and most of these sites are based in the U.S. and only provide U.S.-centric documents. This makes it challenging for people from other English common law countries to find suitable documents.


The DocPro platform addresses these issues by providing a wide range of documents that are tailored to users' needs through step-by-step instructions and a jurisdiction selection engine. This allows members to create their own documents on a DIY basis, ensuring that they are accurate and appropriate for their specific needs.


In addition to legal documents, the platform also includes commonly used personal and business documents. This makes it easy for individuals and businesses to access and use the documents they need, without having to pay exorbitant fees.


Overall, the DocPro team is determined to bring professional quality documents to the world at an affordable price, and to democratize documentation by creating a platform that is accessible to everyone.