Cease and Desist Letter

Trademark Infringement

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A cease and desist letter to the offender on stop using the infringing trademark or face legal action from the rightful trademark owner for damages to business and goodwill.

It has come to our attention that your company has been promoting your [Products / Services] under the brand name of [The Infringing Trademark] in the market. We noticed that this [The Infringing Mark] bears close similarity to our company’s registered trademark [The Registered Trademark]. Not only does the spelling of the [The Infringing Trademark] is similar, the artwork and colour scheme of the associated logo also closely resemble the registered design of our company’s logo.

Please be advised that our company is the rightful owner of the registered trademark [The Registered Trademark] and the associated logo design. This trademark and associated design have been properly registered with the [Registration Agency] under [Registration Number] in the following countries, namely: [List of countries which the trademark has been registered].

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Letter / e-mail / note / correspondence


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