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Congratulations to Employee / Staff on Promotion

From Colleague

Letter of Congratulations to employee/staff on well-deserved promotion from a colleague.

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Document Description

This is a Letter of Congratulations to employee/ staff on his/ her well-deserved promotion from a colleague

Receiving a job promotion is an exciting step for one's career path. Recognising colleague's achievement by sending a congratulatory note is highly beneficial in establishing a positive and professional relationship. It shows that you value your colleague and is determined to build healthy relationships. 

This letter starts off with a congratulatory message and a greeting. The colleague expresses delight and approval regarding the promotion. He/she recognises and appreciates the efforts paid by the promoted colleague and believes the employee is well-deserved for such promotion.

He/she also looks forward to working with the promoted colleague in his/her new position and offers assistance if needed. The document ends with a congratulatory note. 


How to use this Document?


This Letter should be addressed to a promoted colleague to build better co-worker relationships out of courtesy. 

This letter can be customised by including the name and position of the promoted colleague. Specific achievements of the colleague can be mentioned in this congratulatory letter as well.



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