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Cease and Desist Letter / Warning Letter

Cease and Desist Letter / Warning Letter

Trespass of Property

This document can be used to draft a sampled Template final warning Cease and Desist Letter to a trespasser who has continuously trespassed the victim's property(properties). This letter is in favour of the victim within the trespassing to warn the Trespasser to stop the workplace trespassing actions or face legal actions by the dissatisfaction.

At the request of the victim, it is to issue a final warning towards the action otherwise legal actions are initiated. The formal invitation is to contain details in (a) the name of the Trespasser and the type(s) of trespass; (b) the damages suffered by the victim due to the trespassing; (c) the legal remedies and consequences of continuing such acts; (d) the deadline of acknowledging the cease of trespassing; and (e) the record of trespassing by the trespasser, including the record of the date, time and description of the trespass. 

If the respective Trespasser does not acknowledge such actions or refuse to cease the trespassing action, the victim can pursue a lawsuit and retrieve remedies on the course of action.


How to use this Document?  

This cease and desist letter should be carefully read by the Individual Parties involved in creating the nuisance, which are the respective Trespasser.

The Starting Time and Finishing Time of Harassment occurrenceNumber of occurrence per week and the Jurisdiction should all be clearly stated in the letter.

This complaint letter should be sent after seeking help from the management office but proven ineffective. It offers a cease and desist to the trespasser in response to repetitive unwanted advances and workplace harassment proceedings. 

Meanwhile, it should be sent before commencing legal proceedings as a means of mediation. The Trespasser should acknowledge the cease of future trespassing by a reply. 


How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?

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