Cease and Desist Letter

Bullying / Stalking / Cyber-bullying / Cyber-stalking

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A final warning / cease and desist letter demanding a harasser to stop the bullying / stalking / cyber bullying / cyber stalking or face legal actions.

The Main Contents of this Document Includes

I am issuing you with a final cease and desist letter on the unwelcomed harassment actions towards or against me.

You must immediately cease the above unlawful actions of harassment against me which violates my right under the law. As a result of your actions, I have suffered the damages.

Under the law, it is an offence if your actions have caused me to be frightened, intimidated and emotionally distressed. Therefore I demand you to cease and desist from your harassment actions immediately.

How to use this Document?

Upon facing bullying, harassment, stalking, cyber bullying or cyber stalking, this cease and desist letter template may be used to draft a complaint against the behaviour from the harasser. 

This complaint letter may be used if the sender wishes to express a warning towards the harasser and wishes to lodge a cease and desist against them. 

The record of harassment should be clearly stated in the document.

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