Cease and Desist Letter

Sexual Harassment

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A final warning / cease and desist letter demanding a harasser to stop the sexual harassment actions or face legal actions.

The letter is used to express dissatisfaction over the unwanted advance and sexual harassments by the harasser. The letter serves as a warning to the harasser to stop the relevant acts or legal actions may be lodged. 

The letter begins by describing the harassment and how it is affecting you. Clear details may be provided to illustrate the situation and the gravity of the problem. Due to the harassment, you have complained multiple times but to no avail. Specific dates on which complaints were lodged were given. 

You have asked the harasser to stop the harassing acts and warns that he / she will commence legal proceedings if the harassment persists. 


How to use this Document?  

This cease and desist letter should be carefully read by the Individual Parties involved in creating the nuisance.

The Starting Time and Finishing Time of Harassment occurrence, Number of occurrence per week and the Jurisdiction should all be clearly stated in the letter.

This complaint letter should be sent after seeking help from the management office but proven ineffective. It offers a cease and desist to the harasser in response to repetitive unwanted advances and sexual proceedings. 

Meanwhile, it should be sent before commencing legal proceedings as a means of mediation. 


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cease and desist




sexual harassment


unwelcome physical contact






brushing up


against the body


intrusive questions


private life


sexually offensive gestures


sexually suggestive comments or jokes


displaying sexually explicit pictures or posters


insults or taunts based on sex


wolf whistling


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