How to Write a Divorce Agreement (With Templates)

Ashley Long
Last Updated:

8 Aug 2022

Published On:

17 Jun 2022

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Going through a divorce is complex on top of being a big emotional burden. This resource is designed to help put you at ease regarding your divorce arrangements. 


Using a divorce agreement template will allow you to be confident that the main requirements for divorce are met. Learn more below about how to navigate a divorce agreement and its contents.



I. What is a divorce agreement?


A divorce agreement is a written document between divorcing spouses that outlines the specific arrangements both parties agree to effect upon divorce. It is significant as it touches on important issues such as the division of property or the nature of child custody.


In most jurisdictions, divorce agreements must be reviewed by the courts to ensure that terms and arrangements are fair to each party. Hence, divorcing spouses must keep in mind that what is agreed in the document may not be the final say if the courts are not satisfied with the nature of any arrangements.


A divorce agreement may alternatively be known as any of the following:

  • Separation Agreement

  • Divorce Decree

  • Divorce Settlement Agreement

  • Property Settlement Agreement

  • Mediated Separation Agreement