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Demand Letter for Child Support


Did not receive a child support payment as ordered by the court? Use this template for child support demand letter to recover the unpaid or past due child support payment

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Document Description

A Child Support Demand letter is issued to a parent who fails to make the child support payment as ordered by the court under the Child Support order. If you have not received child support, use this Child Support Demand letter template to recover the due child support payments. The template includes all the essential requirements such as the total amount of Unpaid Child Support; details of the Child Support Order/Divorce agreement; unpaid period (how long the support has not been paid). 

The demand letter for child support payment acts as a reminder and a record of the demand made to the parent about the unpaid child support payments. It gives them a deadline to make the payment or come up with a payment plan else legal action to recover the dues can be made in the court. If the parent fails to make the payment in spite of the child support demand letter then this letter can be used as evidence in the court. 

Therefore a child support demand letter is important because it not only acts as a reminder for the other parent but also a piece of evidence that you can use in court to show your effort in resolving the matter and the other parties intention to not to pay the child support.

How to use this Document?

This document can be used by Mother or Father and will be sent to the parent who is late on child support payment. 

The amount of unpaid child support and the number of months for which it was unpaid; date of the child support order/divorce agreement should be clearly stated in the letter


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