Post Nuptial Financial Agreement - Full and Final Settlement

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Agreement between two parties on financial arrangement in the event that their relationship breaks down in the future. The cohabitation property to be transferred to wife.

The agreement sets out how the ownership of the cohabitation property is to be transferred, the tax arrangement and also releasing each other's right to make application in relation to the estate of the other.

a. On [MARRIAGE_DATE], X and Y were lawfully married at the [LOCATION].

b. Husband is a [OCCUPATION] and has not married before.

c. Wife is a [OCCUPATION] and has not married before.

d. There are no children of the relationship between them.

e. The Parties have maintained open communications between each other and have, including present, been enjoying a harmonious relationship.

f. In order to manage their property affairs and avoid litigation, the parties agreed to enter into this agreement to deal with the division of their property and financial resources should their relationship break down.

g. The Parties intend the terms of this agreement to be given effect by any court having jurisdiction to determine financial matters (property and maintenance) between Husband and Wife.

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