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Instruction Letter to Solicitor from Lender

Instruction Letter to Solicitor from Lender

Mortgage / Legal Charge

This is a standard form of the Lender's Instructions to Solicitors in connection with a mortgage/legal charge transaction. 

The Instructions are only a recommended form of instructions letter, which set out the instructions of the mortgage lender in relation to the security arrangements pursuant to a facility agreement granted by the mortgage lender which requires the solicitors’ firm to perform. In deciding whether or not to adopt the Instructions as its prescribed form of instructions letter, the mortgage lender should consider whether the Instructions are compatible with its operational procedures and the requirements of the loan transaction.

How to use this Document?

This document should be carefully read by the mortgage lender.

Mortgage lenders may use this document as a template for instructions to prepare a legal charge to Solicitors in connection with a mortgage transaction.

All relevant details should be clearly stated in the letter.

How to Tailor the Document to Your Need

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